Saturday, 26 July 2008

Democracy and communism

This is my first non-technical blog. So, there might still be a technical undertone (probably my meticulous nature forces it more often than I realise).

This one is about democracy. Well first a little recap as democracy is fairly new. In the old autocratic times, there used to be kings on whose wisdom the kingdom either prospered or got doomed. With the world shrinking small, some people figured out better ways of controlling the large populations of big countries like India, America, etc. Those were democracy and communism. (Frankly speaking, there might be others but these two have been evidently the most influential. There might be other forms which the academicians might like to point out. Also, India came much later in the race of democracies. I just put it there because I am an Indian and also in keeping with India's huge population.)

We all know that there are rules and that they are broken. The difference is in the way it is done in a democracy and in a communist country. The methods of covering up are different, but that doesn't mean there is no covering up. The communist guys talk about economy clearly. The democratic fellows find better words. Well the American presidents have had a history of politeness in public speaking and George Bush Jr. made it to the news by being the first to break the unwritten law.

"People vote their wallets, even when they know the politicians are lying through the teeth." - Mark Ludwig

At first I thought I wouldn't have to explain this but the fact that I am writing this blog tells me that some people need an explanation because otherwise I wouldn't need to write this blog. People vote their wallets; all the while using words that tell them they are doing some common good or some other crap. By this they are lying to themselves, fooling themselves into an illusionary world that doesn't exist.

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" - Benjamin Franklin