Monday, 27 April 2015

Finding remote URL of a folder under git

I was trying to recover an old codebase. I could see that it had two remotes one of which was now rejecting pushes. So, I figured the remote must have changed. To verify, I needed to see how to find out the remote URL. I found there are three ways of doing it as follows:
  1. git remote show remote_name # this failed for me as the remote URL was unavailable
  2. git config --get remote.heroku.url # this solved my purpose
  3. git remote -v # simplest of all to remember

Heroku suports only Ubuntu

Heroku supports Ubuntu nicely but seems to ignore other distributions. Their reference points to an OS-specific choice page.
points to
That page provides a script and a command that uses the script to install heroku toolbet for Ubuntu.
Ubuntu option
However, even for standalone option, the script does not change.
Standalone option
deadlock completed
Now standalone essentially is the category of other linux and BSD distributions. So, having an apt-get script for them is like saying "We hardly care about you". They could have provided a source link there. In fact given that another link on the same page links to their source hosted at Github. And interestingly their Github page asks to first install heroku toolbelt redirecting back to the same page.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Out of context advertising

Why would I be interested in obituary speeches when I am looking for time zone differences ?

Even facebook goes down

Yeah, it is an event to be noted.