Sunday, 30 October 2011

Funny Windows

I am using Windows 7 Service Pack 1. Windows might have got a bit more secure and flashy than Windows XP; but it continues to be funny. Today morning only, I encountered the following queer incidents.

1. In the (My)Computer window, I wanted to see Properties for each drive. So, I directly right clicked on them. However, each time it took me to System Properties. To get to Properties of a drive, I had to first select the drive and then right click on it again and select Properties.

2. While cleaning up my C: it showed 730mb will be cleared. Before cleaning, my C: had 6.77gb free and after cleaning it had 8.33gb free. Strange calculation indeed.

3. Last night, I had just put the lid of my system down and slept. According to my Settings, the system should have gone to Sleep mode too and most likely it did. In the morning, I was unable to connect to my wireless network. After banging my head for being forced to use such a system that does not offer any clue as to what the error was, I decided to try a restart. During restart, I found some disk corruption was causing the trouble. [Using Linux on the same machine for years, never gave me a disk corruption.] Also interestingly after recovering from corruption, I found that my wireless card was set to configure to IP address with subnet mask though I had set it to obtain the IP address automatically.