Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Poor quality of service on order via TinyOwl

The lure: TinyOwl pushed a notification telling me that I had INR 50 wallet balance that would lapse soon.

The need: My cook took a day off. So, maintaining my lazy behaviour, I decided to order food.

Sequence of events:
I ordered from Pita Shop at 9pm. The delivery was supposed to be at 10pm. After the restaurant confirmed the order, I was waiting for the order to arrive. At 9:53pm I got a call from the delivery boy and I explained to him the route to my place. From the restaurant to my place should not take more than 10 minutes. 5 minutes past 10, TinyOwl app asked me if the order had arrived and in response to my negative answer, it triggered a call to a customer service representative who dug up some info and told me that the delivery boy should reach any minute. I thought that was fine and that I could wait a few minutes more. Around 10:15pm, I started ringing the delivery boy to see if he was having any issue with the route but every time I called his phone is either busy or he let my call ring and disconnect. Five minutes later, I started a conversation with TinyOwl support on the app to ask them to look into the matter. They engaged the shop owner who called me to ask about the delivery. He asked me the number of the delivery boy. He told me that he did not employ the delivery boy so he didn't have his number. I was a little surprised but I gave him the number. Finally at 10:40pm the order was delivered. I told the delivery boy to dial the number of the owner of the restaurant. He replied that he didn't have that number. When I told him that the owner should have called him some time back, as the owner had taken his number from me, he told me that he did not get any such call. When I enquired about the reason for the delay, he told me that he had to deliver another order at a place around 4 kms away from my place so he went there first resulting in the delay.

1. The delivery boy wasn't picking my calls but was busy on phone twice. So, he was deliberately avoiding my calls.
2. The shop owner did not employ the delivery boy so his orders will not be on priority.
3. The fact that the shop owner never called the delivery boy only shows his disregard towards customers.

Further observation:
There was no printed bill in the package that was delivered to me.