Monday, 28 January 2008

Kaspersky failed

Recently i had to deal with a system affected with the following few viruses.
1. Virus.win32.autorun.abt
2. w32.Autorun.FM.worm

The system had Kaspersky which showed only the first virus. Moreover, Kaspersky was unable to clean the virus.

So i removed the virus from the system by manual cleaning. The job of one click was now a long process. After doing away with the virus the system functioned normally and my first thought was to get rid of Kaspersky. Then i installed a free trial of Panda Antivirus and firewall. I saw that i had finally done away with my virus but there was another one too. During the course of installation only Panda antivirus scanned the memory to eliminate 6 spyware.

After the installation i ran a full system virus scan to confirm that the system is cleaned. I was surprised at how badly Kaspersky had failed when i found that there was another virus that it had not even detected.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft's futuristic computer is called Microsoft Surface. Earlier we used to install computers as desktops but they plan to turn desktops into computers. There are no keyboards or mice. It uses IR cameras to detect touch.
This is going to change the whole experience of desktops.

The implications vary wonderfully for common public and developers. Computer programmers will need to develop more complex algorithms. The hardware will also be more sophisticated. The input and output options will increase and thus their respective modes will diversify. This diversification will make the computermore interactive for the user. It will be easier, simpler and friendlier. Computer games will be a much more multimedia-rich experience.
No swiping of would be required for systems running Surface. You just need to throw your card on the surface and the system takes care of the rest. You just move your hands to signal the system.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Beyond intuition

Intuition guides many of our decisions and often we make use of it subconsciously. Sometimes a strong sense of intuition is also referred emphatically as "sixth sense". However, nature isn't always intuitive. Prof. Walter Lewin demonstrates the same in the following video.