Monday, 28 January 2008

Kaspersky failed

Recently i had to deal with a system affected with the following few viruses.
1. Virus.win32.autorun.abt
2. w32.Autorun.FM.worm

The system had Kaspersky which showed only the first virus. Moreover, Kaspersky was unable to clean the virus.

So i removed the virus from the system by manual cleaning. The job of one click was now a long process. After doing away with the virus the system functioned normally and my first thought was to get rid of Kaspersky. Then i installed a free trial of Panda Antivirus and firewall. I saw that i had finally done away with my virus but there was another one too. During the course of installation only Panda antivirus scanned the memory to eliminate 6 spyware.

After the installation i ran a full system virus scan to confirm that the system is cleaned. I was surprised at how badly Kaspersky had failed when i found that there was another virus that it had not even detected.

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