Thursday, 2 July 2009

Firefox catches up

With the recent 3.5 release, it seems Firefox is catching up with other browsers. With the introduction of new and intuitive features and nice speed, Chrome was a nice alternative to whatever default browser you had before that. However, Firefox is fast again. [Well Firefox 2 was quite fast. Gradually, by 3.0 Firefox had grown sluggish and bulkier.]

This version was a pleasure to upgrade to. Starting from speed to the slight change of shades of the icon, Mozilla developers had done good work in all aspects of the browser. That is the reason of my appreciation through this blog.

There is a private browsing mode now.

This was an interesting feature.

It was a pleasure to find my Firefox skin Chromifox was supported by this version of Firefox. On top of that, it was improvements to give a more chromy feel.

At the performance front the new Javascript engine - TraceMonkey [Mozilla people seem obsessed with monkeys.] - was expected. It outperforms Chrome's V8.

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Prasannajeet™ said...

Although I am fairly impressed with what Firefox 3.5 has brought.... I wont lie to you.... this simply isnt enuf.... there's no thumbnails and frankly speaking I have found web pages loading in chrome faster than even Firefox even when I had deleted cache of both the browsers, plus lets not forget.... Chrome is lighter!!! I am not disproving of what Mozilla has done but stil it isnt enuf..... Chrome seems to be a resurgent giant at the moment for me ;)