Wednesday, 28 October 2009

E17 vs KDE 4.3.1

Recently, I have started using KDE 4.3.1 after it came in Gentoo stable tree. I have been using E17 svn versions for quite some time now. I found that with E17 the cpu is relatively cooler. Of course, my benchmarking is not precise yet it shall provide you an overall view. My system is Thinkpad R60.

With KDE 4.3.1, my system starts at about 55 degree Celsius as seen above. While with E17, it starts at about 50 degree Celsius.

Interestingly, it gradually decreases to about 45 degrees while in KDE it stabilizes at the same 55 degrees.

I decided to do the usual stuff and check. So, I started music play in Amarok (yeah, I use Amarok even in E17.) and compilation. With KDE 4.3.1, temperature reached 60 degrees. While with E17, temperature was within 50 degrees.

After working on my power management, I was able to get KDE to start at about 50 degrees as shown below.

However, E17 proved better once more by starting at about 45 degrees and cooling down to even lower temperatures after that.


Mr_Bumpy said...

What kind of results do you get in KDE with desktop effects disabled?

Phoenix said...

These are the results with desktop effects disabled. My system has one GB ram and with the kind of usage that I throw at it, with desktop effects enabled, it slows down too much beyond acceptability. However, in E17 desktop switching and other base desktop effects were present.

Aekold said...

Your temperature monitor in tray looks cool, what is the name of it?

Phoenix said...

That is default temperature gadget in E17 shelf.