Saturday, 11 September 2010

BSNL DNS server poisoned

BSNL is one of the largest telephone and internet service providers in India; yet its negligence often tests your patience. Recently, two of BSNL's DNS servers
were poisoned. I found it out when whatever I entered in my URL bar took me to the same site. I checked up with nslookup to find out that all my DNS queries yielded the same result. The very next morning I thought I should report it to the authorities so that they can mend it soon. However, when I called them instead of listening to what I had to say the officer shouted me and told me to ring some other department [which I didn't care to remember]. This was too much for me to take. We had a rather loud talk and I decided to let the parasite rot in the bureaucratic dirt he has lived so far in.

I changed my DNS server to Google Public DNS and my problem was solved. As for other users, we if they cared about it, then the officer would have had enough complaints that he would have welcomed the information, I was willing to share. However, now BSNL has changed the DNS servers to
  • ( and
  • (

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