Thursday, 27 January 2011

Increased spam in my gmail inbox

For about a month, I had been noticing increased spam in my gmail account. Gmail used to be known  for its spam filters. People used to advise to redirect other mails to gmail so that spam is filtered out well. However, things seem to be changing. I am posting a few spam email ids.
From Reply-to

It is interesting to note the high frequency of "inf" and "" terms in the email addresses. It is also interesting to note how most of them have their "to" email addresses pointing to "undisclosed-recipients:;" and talk about lotteries worth £500,000,00 in the United Kingdom. They also include phone numbers from United Kingdom.

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Anonymous said...

the spam is super annoying in gmail.newer gmail accounts are fine but for the older accounts that are based on things like for example peter2 i get so much spam its unbelievable the gmail spam filters are shit and theres not even labs products for spam