Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Commandos II: Men of Courage multiplayer mode glitch

Recently I have been playing Commandos II: Men of Courage, with my brother, in multiplayer mode. We have played the game in single player mode numerous times; but this was out first multiplayer experience. We found synchronizing glitches in the game.
In the following image you can see two views: one on my screen and one on my brother’s. The same enemy soldier has different positions on the two screens.
Moreover, when I killed the enemy soldier using the Green Beret my brother’s system would show that a fellow Commando has died and mission failed. The same was shown to me if he took the soldier down with the Sapper. We tried to let the game recover by continuing the game trying to get the Green Beret meet with the Sapper. Interestingly as the Green Beret was alive on my system, he showed up with the Sapper and Lupin while on my brother’s system it was only the Sapper and Lupin.
When we had encountered a similar error within a closed room, I thought it was a glitch in coordinate calculation. However, I was wrong as proved by this incident. Clearly there is a concurrency issue here.

In the mission "Is Paris Burning?", there was another glitch where an enemy soldier picks up a cigarette from a distance. Look for the 14th second and the 57th second in the video.

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