Sunday, 3 July 2011

Automounting NTFS flash drives in Gentoo

Recently, I noticed flash drives with ntfs file systems on them were nicely automounted on my KDE on Archlinux. However, when I tried it in GNOME on Gentoo, it showed me an error message. Initially I thought if it is a desktop environment issue; but automounting is usually done by udev. So I decided to check for udev and ntfs-3g driver.

emerge -pv udev ntfs3g

I found that the ntfs3g package had "udev" USE flag disabled. I douted this might be the reason. To verify I ran a quick check using the following command.

equery u ntfs3g

I found "udev" USE flag installs udev rule to make udisks use ntfs-3g instead of the kernel NTFS driver. So, I
enabled it by adding the following line to /etc/portage/package.use

sys-fs/ntfs3g udev

Re-emerging the package solved the issue and I can nicely automount flash drives with ntfs filesystems.

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