Saturday, 4 February 2012

Alarming state of linux distributions

A random peek at Distrowatch showed me that the top linux distributions were all losing popularity.

Does this mean linux is losing popularity or some rarely known distribution is gaining prominence in the background?


Examancer said...

I think it just means distrowatch is losing popularity.

Its long been wildly inaccurate, which can be seen in your screenshot by the fact that Mint is more popular than Ubuntu (its not).

PhilK said...

Exomancer has it entirely wrong - those Distrowatch numbers are not a metric of "popularity" but of hits, which may arguably be a fair proxy for "interest".

I'm an Ubuntu user, but since I'm actually using Ubuntu I'm interested more interested in reading about Mint, so the numbers make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

This screenshot only reflects one day, which is ONLY being compared to the day before. Look at it today and you will find an entirely different story. Your conclusion is inaccurate and your post irresponsible.

Phoenix said...

@Anonymous: First of all, I have not drawn any conclusion. Secondly, I would like to know in which line of my post you find a comparison.

You consider my post as irresponsible. I say get your facts straight and come out of anonymity.

I have used linux for years. I am active on the open source community as well. So, the state represented in the RANDOM peek alarmed me.