Thursday, 14 March 2013

Memory snapshot in Jetbrains RubyMine on linux

I use RubyMine on linux for Ruby on Rails development. Of late, it had been hanging up frequently. I reported this to Jetbrains. They got back to me asking me to provide more details so that the concerned developer can try and find more details about the issue. On a side note, their customer support was so fast in responding, I was amazed. Also, the guy responding back was pretty technical himself.

Getting back to the topic, they had asked me to provide a memory snapshot. The process of generating a memory snapshot is described here. However, that process requires users to download YourKit Java Profiler, which apart from being a large download, comes with a 15-day license. To me it did not make sense. So, I got back to them about it and it turns out on linux, you don't really need it. The linux version of RubyMine, comes with the profiler libraries bundled.


To enable its usage all you need to do is, edit the following script and set IS_EAP to "true".


Restarting RubyMine after that change, will show the memory and CPU snapshot icons. It is also advised to provide thread dumps, as described here, along with the memory snapshot.

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