Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Sad state of medical profession

Today when a friend told me about an ad at about medical seats being sold (for those unaware of the concept, it means paying and getting into medical colleges irrespective of one's qualifications and intellectual merit), I was appalled. I knew that such things do happen. However, these deals were always secretly done. Openly selling seats in colleges is equivalent to committing theft in broad daylight and proudly announcing that it is the thief's right to do so. I believe it is blasphemy against humanity. It is a pity that people consider religious blasphemy very seriously but blasphemy against humanity is so simply ignored.

There is a propagation of crime going on here. These colleges bribe their way out of accreditation process or make a temporary show of fulfilling the requirements of the accreditation. Very rarely some are caught. Obviously the quality of education in such institutes is not up to the mark. The grave question then is whether we can trust diagnoses done by doctors passing our from such institutes that offer seats for sale. This actually is a more serious concern than global warming because incorrect diagnoses will cause undeserved deaths; but sadly no politician talks of it in his/her agenda.


Phoenix 24 Hours said...

That is incredibly disconcerting.

Rama Herbal said...

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