Monday, 11 May 2009

irc problem

I use BSNL dataone service. Today, after connecting to the internet, I when I fired up Kopete to connect to IRC, I was not able to. I checked my connection with a ping to and found my connection to be working fine. So, I checked my Kopete settings to ensure they were alright and so they were. Kopete does not show messages from the server. So, I came back to command line and fired up irssi. I got the following messages:
Irssi: Looking up
Irssi: Connecting to [] port 6667
Irssi: Connection to established
*** Looking up your hostname...
*** Checking ident
*** Couldn't look up your hostname
*** No identd (auth) response
*** Banned: You have a host listed in the DroneBL.
For more information, visit Please contact with questions. (2009/05/11 08.32)
ERROR Closing Link: (Banned)
Irssi: Connection lost to

I visited the site indicated and found that it had been banned for running an insecure SOCKS server. Now, BSNL assigns a different IP each time you connect. So the obvious solution was disconection and reconnection thereafter.

I requested for removal of the ban because whoever caused the ban is no longer on that IP(, though he may return on it).

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