Friday, 29 May 2009

misuse of SEO

Gradually as Google has risen, so has the popularity of SEO. However, along with them, misuse of SEO has also risen substantially. I remember a few months back I was looking for some organization and the organization's webpage was listed in Google's second page while related articles and some unnecessary pages were listed on the first page.

Obviously, you can argue that those articles were more important the page of the organization. Well since I dont have any screenshots I can't prove much. You have the choice of not trusting me in that case. However, I could not find much important materials in the webpages pointed to by the links on the first page.

Such instances of hoax results are uncommon; but their number is growing. One of the major reasons is misuse of SEO. Recently, I found another instance of SEO misuse. The tags on the article and the content are obviously unrelated.

Google depends heavily on SEO techniques. I hope it improvises on this soon.

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