Saturday, 24 April 2010

Software development and computer science

Its really funny that we [computer science students] are taught computer science and expected to develop software. We should rather be taught software development or expected to work on theory.

However, the complete mismatch between our course and job is the sole root of our predicament. Many hackers have written about it; yet I have not seen any academician paying heed to them. Courses are still designed anti-parallel to the requirements. Tech-schools are meant to teach us a technology; yet the courses are unable to justify there existence.

Some of the best software developers do not even have a computer science degree. Interestingly, they don't need it. Software development is a technologist job. Its more like an art. You may learn all the theory backing an art; but that will never make you an artist. All you will be is an analyst. You have to do it, indulge in the art form to be an artist. Same goes with software development. You may learn all the theory there is to it; but its only by coding that you learn to code.

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