Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Social Web

Facebook and Twitter were accepted very fast and were milestones of social web. However, the recent discoveries of bugs raised questions on the security assured by these sites. Orkut at least says its a beta application; while facebook takes it a step further. Facebook users have to allow third party applications. Facebook is safe as the user made the choice of disclosing information to third party vendors.

Till that it was fine; but recently a bug was discovered in facebook chat that allowed users to view their friends' chats. Another bug was discovered in twitter that allowed users to have force followers. Now the web is undergoing a paradigm shift. However, these bugs remind us to remember the basics.

Watch this video to have glimpse of the paradigm shift.

Updates: Facebook issues
1. suspicious email guess
2. cross-site scripting
3. public updates are publicly searchable outside facebook
4. openbook [This should be enough evidence.]

Finally, people seem to notice.

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