Thursday, 1 July 2010

Injustice to programmers

In every field new professionals are selected by people who are experienced in the field. However, somehow programmers are not given that priviledge of being judged of competence by someone in the field. Programmers are selected by HR people.

It is seriously funny to me that Infosys's campus recruitment programmes do not need much technical knowledge. They take students basing on their soft skills and train them. So they are not looking for bright programmers; they are looking for people who bear the corporate pressure because they lack skills to value. [I don't say that the above statement is true of Infosys people; my point is: this is what logical analysis of their process of selection tells.]

Open Source projects are in a better position in that regard. They leave you with the source code to tinker and mailing lists and IRC channels to contact. You can try adding modules, providing patches and when your contribution is substantial you get into the core team.

Programmers are being meted out injustice and there are complaints of programmers' incompetence. Funny indeed!

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