Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Octave on Arch

Well recently I had to do some image processing; so I got octave installed on my Arch system. However, I had least interest in base octave. So, soon I was looking for octave-image which I got in Arch User Repository. Soon I needed octave-statistics. I searched AUR again; but the closest match to my needs was octave-forge: the complete set of octave modules. I don't like the idea of installing a number of modules for only one module. So I decided to look into Arch packaging system and install the modules from source. So I looked up their wiki on pkgbuilds and octave-image's pkgbuild example.

Packaging is fairly easy on Arch. Within some time, I had my pkgbuilds ready for octave-miscellaneous and octave-statistics. I made some mistakes; but with some help from #archlinux, I was ready for installation.

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