Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Office not working in Archlinux

After dropping of OpenOffice.org, Archlinux switched to LibreOffice from the Document foundation. As this was pushed through a regular update, I went on with it. However, after some time when I tried opening Office files, I was having trouble opening them at all.
I used to get stuck at this filter selection every time I opened a file. When I opened up LibreOffice, the various files options were grayed out.

I thought of checking the wiki for the procedure of installation. I reinstalled it using the following command:

pacman -S libreoffice-common libreoffice-{base,

pacman -S libreoffice-extension-{pdfimport,presentation-minimizer,presenter-screen,report-builder,wiki-publisher,ct2n,hunart,numbertext,oooblogger,typo,watch-window,diagram}

After that, I was able to get things working again. However, interestingly, each time I had upgraded my system after the switch to LibreOffice, using

pacman -Syu

I had seen these packages were installed. Now there is only one issue, tooltips are just black rectangles.


Anonymous said...

It always worked, libreoffice has been split into split packages. So thats why you only had libreoffice-common.
So the rest has to be reinstalled seperate.

As for the black bar, this is a bug upstream aka the libreoffice devs we cant fix it as archlinux.

Phoenix said...

@Anonymous: I think when I said these packages were installed, I meant the split packages that I reinstalled.

Anonymous said...

I think its counter-intuitive that Libreoffice is installed that way...or I just missed the prompt to install other libreoffice packages :)
Anyways, I'm using Archlinux and the tooltips are fine.