Sunday, 18 September 2011

Using Emacs for development

When I started working with linux, I had the choice of the following text editors:
  • KEdit
  • Vim
  • Emacs

I decided to try all of them. After initial try, I was certain I would not use vi. It just did not suit my tastes. KEdit turned out to be limited in functionality. So, Emacs became my editor of choice. Initially, I was using it for trivial tasks only. Gradually as I knew more about it, I started using it more.

Compiling and debugging in emacs was fine. However, I was missing code navigation features which really come in handy during code reading phases. Searching through the world wide web, I found this blog explaining the use of etags with emacs for code navigation. I gave it a shot and it surely is fast. While working with python, I found emacs' support for python is not that good; but I am sure it will improve soon.

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