Sunday, 16 December 2012

Apple Magic Mouse with Dell Latitude E6520

Recently, I found some free time at office and my colleague's Apple magic mouse was lying on my table. It sure is a cool device. So, I thought why not connect it to linux and see how it works. So, I turned on the bluetooth daemon on my system with the following command.

systemctl start bluetooth

I use Bluedevil. So, I clicked on the tray icon and ran a scan for bluetooth devices in range. The pairing key required is 0000. Initially the mouse pointer movement was too fast and scroll was too slow. So, I changed the configuration using this blog.

It is cool, indeed. However, I found it difficult for regular use because I am not used to it and it is a touch mouse unlike other mice. When I am moving the mouse, I have to make sure my index finger is not touching the surface, else there is unwanted scrolling.

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