Friday, 14 December 2012

Enjoying writing

Recently while waiting for a flight at Mumbai domestic airport, I decided to write down my thoughts. Of late, I have been writing on some keyboard mostly but this time I was writing with a pen and I actually enjoyed doing it. So, I write  about writing only. This is what I wrote:

Is it possible to write with this pen?
Well not completely impossible. Also I realize the benefit of writing with a thick pen. With a thick pen, you tend to write each letter well while with a thin pen, you write a letter away [especially the letters towards the end of word]. [It] Reminds me of a friend who recently advised me to try a thick pen and I have to admit I am really loving this experience. At school, I hated writing with a thick pen because it slowed me down. However, now that its not my writing speed by my writing that I care about, I think I will use this thick pen more often.

Compared typing on a keyboard, while penning down the flow of thoughts was better. I liked it and decided to do it more often.

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