Saturday, 29 June 2013

Change repeat rate in awesome WM

I had noticed that when you keep a button pressed in KDE it takes less time to repeat that character than when I do the same in Awesome. To get my desired behaviour, I had to set something called the auto-repeat rate option. A quick look at the manual page [1] tells us that we can turn it off either completely r for specific buttons. We can also the delay of auto-repeat and the rate of repetition, if XFree86-Misc extension of X server is implemented. Now, I had to find the delay and repetition rate values that I felt comfortable with. So, I found out the values in my KDE environment [2]. When I tried the values in Awesome, I was back in my comfort zone with the keyboard. The last step was to set the values every time Awesome started [3] and my system was all set.

[1] To see the options, try man xset, search for the option r or the string "autorepeat".

[2] The values can be found using the following command.

xset q | grep rate

[3] In the rc.lua file, just add the following line. You might want to customize the values for yourself.

os.execute("xset r rate 220 30")

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