Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Declining BSNL

BSNL is India's public sector telecom company. A few years ago, it was doing good business because the mobile network of BSNL was the most widespread. Also, its internet services were decent and consistent than local competitors. However, of late BSNL services have degraded. Earlier BSNL did not have online payment system. It was fine with most of its customers although online payment would have been easier. Recently they introduced online payment and their online bill check system fails as shown below.

There was no necessity to hurry for an online payment site and make a mess as above.

Another issue with BSNL is misinformation/outdated information.

Here, they enumerate toll-free phone numbers for users of all mobile carriers to report problems. However, in reality, you need to dial in from a BSNL mobile only.

BSNL would just need to maintain its service to stay in the market. However, I guess that is too difficult, especially when employees don't want to come to office in time and want to leave before time. The thinking of such employees is very short-sighted and clearly shows how disinterested the management is. It is as if they are steering themselves into doom.

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